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SIMEQ is a Danish private company, specialised in process control.

We have many years of experience in control and optimisation of cement plants with background from F.L.Smidth in Denmark.

Our main products are the Assistant series aimed at the cement industry:

Blend Assistant based on X-ray analyses of the raw materials calculates the new mixing ratios to the feeders.
The mixing can be set to optimize LSF, SIM and ALM or via Bogue further to C3S, C2S, C3A and C4AF (if the necessary number of different raw materials are available).

Vertical Mill Assistant Control of vertical mill with gasflow control and multivariable control of grinding situation.
Fineness control included. Also grinding economy optimization can be included if different raw materials give
reason to different optimum operating conditions.

CF-Silo Assistant - Revitalizes a CF-Silo with reduced homogenization factor. System is under development.

Kiln Assistant Continuous combustion calculation and heat balance. Multiple fuel control. Multiple operator inserted constraints.
Very high kiln stability due to continuous control and automatic burning value compensation.
See separate description.

Ball Mill Assistant Control of mass flow, fineness and temperature control. Based on electronic ear, mill main
motor kW, elevator kW and reject flow rate. Constant gasflow through separator included.
Recipe system with unlimited number of recipes, allowing grinding economy statistics to be made.
See separate description.

We cooperate closely with our clients, to ensure the performance of the control does not degrade over time.

Our main tool is the SIMEQ system, enabling all the capabilities of Matlab in a real time environment. The efficiency of the Matlab language enables SIMEQ to do very competitive process control.

Management Information Systems are developed to client specifications. All relevant data pre-processed, collected in reports and emailed to relevant parties, normally in web or Excel format. We do daily, weekly and monthly reports of data calculated from raw operation data extracted and presented the way you want.

We do process control oriented programming in the following environments:

          SIMEQ system - Matlab.

          Microsoft Visual Basic.

          FLS Automation FuzzyExpert.

Specialised programming can be done to include new instrumentation in the control system, or to send signals from the control system to external databases.

Plant instrumentation, troubleshooting, training can be arranged. Simulations of mechanic and hydraulic systems are offered on request.




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